Vladimir Putin

Robinson, The Honourable Paul H. Jr.

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The many areas of common agreement between Canada and the U.S. including law, language, literature and a representative form of government. Canada and the U.S. as trading partners. The Joint Consultative Group. The concern of the National Energy Program. The U.S. quarrel with the retroactive aspect of the program, with an examination of that issue. The Foreign Investment Review Agency. The U.S. taking Canada to GATT for the first time in 20 years. The Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System and the benefits for both countries. The acid rain issue. The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. Ongoing negotiations between the government of Canada and the New England Fisheries Council. The speaker's job of keeping the lines of communication open during all bilaterial dicussions and negotiations. Shared interest in NATO and defence. Trends in the world today in terms of defence and arms. The balance of forces. What Americans think of Canada's part in defence. An anecdotal example of mutual respect, regard and affection between Canada and the United States.