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MacLeod, Norman M.

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Promoting the future greatness of our beloved Canada and our beloved Empire. The speaker's practical observations and some conclusions from his recent journey coast to coast in Canada where he has been afforded a fresh and extensive opportunity of viewing some of our national problems in their actual geographic and economic setting. Canada facing grave and serious national problems. The central problem of national unity. Confederation standing urgently in need of repair. The situation in Ottawa. The national debt. The question of how we are going to set our federal finances in order. Problems in the provinces. Unemployment and the burden of relief in Ontario and Quebec. A revolt against the tariffs on the western Prairies. An open propaganda for secession among the farm organizations in eastern Canada, despite assistance to the drought-stricken areas. Economic distress in the Maritimes, with an open secession movement here being revived. A Royal Commission appointed by Mr. King a year ago to deal with this whole problem of national unity. The need for any recommendations to be supplemented by practical, dynamic policies that lie altogether beyond the constitutional field. A discussion of possibilities for the Commission. Attempting to discover the basic character of this problem of national unity. The speaker's conviction that the heart of this problem is economic. A discussion of this proposition follows in some detail. An examination of the possibility of restoring the economic motive to Confederation. The objective of rescuing the Dominion from an ultimate fate of insolvency that must bring hardship to the classes of the citizenship least able to endure it. Problem with public service reductions as a solution. Rigorous economy alone unable to lift us out of the morass into which we have fallen. A tribute to those patriotic individuals who are striving to arouse us to a sense of the growing national emergency. A comparison of our outlook with the outlook of the Fathers who met at Quebec and at Charlottetown. An examination of Confederation. How we can be the Fathers of Reconfederation today. The need for a greater population. Offering more employment. Carrying out a program of national development that will not only employ the newcomers but also bring new industries upon the scene to afford employment when the period of construction is over. The possibilities inherent in the St. Lawrence development undertaking. Reasons why Canada should embark on this project now. The power aspect. Details of the project, including costs and potential power to be developed. A summary of the speaker's thesis that the profit motive must be restored to the concept of Confederation, and that the St. Lawrence development project can meet the requirements of the situation faced in Canada.