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Duncan, Gaylen A.

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"Now in the early days of a new millenium. Reflection and lists, with examples. John Brockman's "The Greatest Inventions of the Past 2000 Years." DNI - "Distributed Network Intelligence" - a work still in progress but what may reasonably be called the greatest invention of all our history. The huge task still ahead. A history of how we got DNI to its present state, particularly in Canada. Implications of leaving the job unfinished. Some of the things that governments, corporation and individuals are doing to expand the network. The networking instinct as a primal instinct. Boiling everything down to communications technology reflecting a Canadian world view. Canada as one of the most wired nations on earth, with figures. Our community of policymakers who understand how important networks are to our national identity, with examples. The transformational powers that the tools of connectivity possess. Ways in which it is in our nature to connect. References to Schoolnet and to Doug Hull. Examples of successful internet access projects. High speed connectivity and what it will bring and mean to our society. Measuring Internet use. The digital divide. Examples of how the North will benefit from the South and the South will benefit from the North through distributed networked intelligence. The need to complete the job. Exploring the digital opportunity. Governments as key players in the dirve to bridge the digital divide, with examples. Canada's IT Week."