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Irving, Laurence

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Reference to the speaker's father. In the person of the speaker's father that the drama, the interpretational side of the drama, received the highest recognitions that have yet been bestowed upon it. Henry Irving the first actor who had the honour of knighthood given to him; the second actor whose honoured bones have been laid to rest in Westminster Abbey. The stage at present in an exceedingly healthy condition. How the drama can be a lever for social amelioration. Directing our attention to a French writer, Eugene Brieux, as an example. The issue of British censorship. The illustration of the effect and power of the drama in a play called "Everyman." Relying upon the heads of the community to assist in representing plays that are entirely worthy, that are elevating, and at the same time that are rational entertainment for hard-worked, intelligent, but sometimes tired men. The value of human activities and human qualities. No doubt that anyone who follows the drama with attention will see that it is striving and striving hard to turn men's attentions to the preventibility of much of the wretchedness, and it is also striving to enlighten races and nations as to one another, and to show that kindness and charity and generosity and self-denial are not the qualities and the inheritance of any one particular race.