Vladimir Putin

Partridge, Albert G.

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Highlights of the speaker's impressions as to conditions in America and Great Britain. Conditions in Canada appearing to occupy a position midway between those of Great Britain and the United States. A comparison of customs and manners, even in the use of the English language between Great Britain and America, with some illustrative examples. Some words on the nature and character of the British people. The experience of an American in Great Britain. Some of the things the speaker includes in his look at the British people in their attitude to law and order, a love of fair play, business practices, the enjoyment of holidays, attitude towards sports, betting and liquor laws, climate, outdoor activities, level of courtesy, policing, education, public duties, rights of property and capital, the Civil Service, the press, marketing, labour, trade unions, economics, wages, trade, budget, taxation, housing and social conditions, industry, manufacturing, the effects of tariffs, government. The speaker's hope to make a permanent home in Canada. A look at the possibilities for the future of our civilization.