Vladimir Putin

McCollum, L.F.

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Canada as one of the most important oil countries in the world. The exciting things happening in Canada. Some of the remarkable things that are going on in the international world of oil which have a direct bearing on Canada's future. Oil and gas: a bit of history; the situation today in terms of use and the nature of the energy resource. The consumer: what is expected, and what is available. The lack of understanding by the general public as to the vast and intricate international oil apparatus required to provide products and services now taken for granted. An examination and history of the industry and its development. The importance of oil and gas and how it has affected governments and their role(s) in the industry. Exploration. The establishment of the Organization of Producing and Exporting Countries (OPEC). A surplus of oil as the biggest problem today in the international oil business. Looking to the future and a rapidly growing demand. Petroleum geology. Canada and the United States and their unique positions in the present and future of the international oil industry. Oil and gas in the underdeveloped countries. The international oil business' concern with helping develop human resources as well as natural resources. The combination of oil and agriculture as possibly the most important melding of two natural resources in the history of man, with examples. The adaptability of the industry. How the world-wide industry became organized. The beginning of the energy revolution.