The Empire Club of Canada Foundation has published and distributed every speech of the Empire Club of Canada going back to 1903.

Who We Are

The Empire Club of Canada set up a foundation 52 years ago, in 1969, to further the reach of the Club through various educational programs. It most notably collects, curates, publishes and distributes the speeches and panel discussions hosted by the Club to a wide cross section of Canadian schools, universities and other organizations through the electronic publication of its historic Red Book. It operates as a separate entity from the Club itself, with its own Board of Directors and bylaws. The Foundation works   to make available the events of the Empire Club and other similar events to achieve the common objectives of promoting informed discussion and debate. The Foundation operates as a charity and is focused specifically on educational activities.

The Purpose of the Foundation

The purpose of the Empire Club Foundation is to receive and maintain a fund or funds and to apply from time to time all or part thereof and the income therefrom for charitable purposes of an educational nature throughout Canada; and to do such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of these objectives. This may involve the promotion of interest in current and public affairs of both national and international importance through research, publication and education. It also involves the maintenance of a source of information relating to historical and contemporary comment on economic, social, cultural, political and other aspects of Canada and Canadian affairs through the publication and distribution of periodicals, pamphlets and books annually or otherwise.

The Annual Red Book

The Empire Club of Canada Foundation Foundation has published and distributed every speech of the Empire Club of Canada going back to 1903.

The honour of speaking at the Empire Club of Canada is best exemplified by the electronic publication of the Annual Red Book, which is published by the Empire Club of Canada Foundation. Each Red Book contains all speeches delivered that season (Fall through Spring the following year). 


The Club holds high the importance of a written record of each speech. In the digital age, we have now added video content to our website so that people around the world can experience Empire Club events visually if they prefer this to reading the speeches in our Archives.


This is a critical source of first-hand information that is an invaluable research tool and provides granular and often very unique insights into issues of public and policy import. By ensuring this information is made available to as wide an audience as possible, the Empire Club Foundation is helping to ensure that the content generated by speakers at the Club is made available to a wide audience and curated in a way that is compatible with education and research, ultimately contributing to the larger goal of ensuring better informed debate, discussion and policy creation.

Board of Directors

Dr. Gordon K. McIvor


Empire Club Foundation

Verity Sylvester

Vice President

Empire Club Foundation

Rachael Kelebay


Empire Club Foundation

M.J. Perry


Empire Club Foundation

Dr. Eric L.R. Jackman

C.M., O.Ont., C.D., Ph.D., LL.D., D.Sc

Board Member

Empire Club Foundation

Gareth S. Seltzer

Board Member

Empire Club Foundation

Captain. Dr. John Niles, MSM

Board Member

Empire Club Foundation

Michel Fortier

Board Member

Empire Club Foundation

Nicole Miller

Board Member

Empire Club Foundation

Announcements & Notices


February 16, 2021

Empire Club Foundation Elects New President

The board of directors of The Empire Club Foundation is pleased to announce the election of Gordon K. McIvor, PhD as the Foundation’s President.

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