Dr. Darrell Bricker, David Herle, Dimitri Pantazopoulos & Laura Stone

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Political Polling: The Federal Election & Beyond 

Recent spectacular polling misses (whether Brexit, Donald Trump or closer to home) have not shaken fact that polling is a mainstay of how elections are run and covered. We know that polling continues as a prominent feature of election coverage, but also hear a lot of chatter about how public polls and internal political polls are much different.

The Empire Club of Canada will bring in leaders in research and campaigning to explore how polling is being used today by political parties to shape campaign strategies, including offering a perspective on how the current federal parties will be using their own research. We will also explore how to best to even poll Canadians today with landlines disappearing at a rapid pace.

And finally – what can we as political followers make of the latest horse race numbers. The panel includes leaders who have both conducted the research and advised political campaigns on how to use it.


Dr. Darrell Bricker Chief Executive Officer, Ipsos Global Public Affairs

David Herle Owner, The Gandalf Group

Dimitri Pantazopoulos Partner, Maple Leaf Strategies & President, Yorkville Strategies

Moderated by:

Laura Stone Queen's Park Reporter at The Globe and Mail

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