Mike Van Soelen, Managing Principal, Navigator Ltd.; Past President, Empire Club of Canada

UHN Innovators Circle


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Jehan Karsan, Executive Director, Empire Club of Canada

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Christopher Angeconeb, President & Chief Executive Officer, AurCrest Gold

Nick Barisheff, Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer, BMG Group Inc.

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Vivien Clubb, President, Providential Pictures Inc.; Head of Marketing and Communications, IBK Capital Corp.

Peter Copetti, Chief Executive Officer, Cobalt Blockchain Inc.

Phil Emanuele, Private Investor wishing to say THANK YOU to OUR FRONTLINE WORKERS

Russ Fromm, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Fromm Development Inc

Robert Hirschberg  Founder and President, Equity Participation

Sethu Raman, Chairman, Holmer Gold Mines Inc.

John Ryan, President & Chief Executive Officer, Spruce Ridge Resources Ltd.

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Mark Selby, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & Director, Canada Nickel Company Inc.

Kevin Smith, Chief Executive Officer, University Health Network

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Anthony Vaccaro, Group Publisher, The Northern Miner Group

Wayne J White, Founder and President, Kayjay Realty Inc.; Wayne & William White Engineering Design Centre, University of British Columbia

Vance White, President & Chief Executive Officer, Noble Mineral Exploration Inc

Gale White, Co-Founder and President of Kreative Ventures Limited.