The Empire Club of Canada is proud to announce the 2020 Nation Builder of the Year Award will be awarded to Canada’s front line workers, the men and women who kept us safe and functioning during the most severe pandemic to hit the world in over a century.

A virtual on-line awards ceremony will be held to mark this year’s winner, with testimonies of tenacity and bravery from across the country and performances from some well-loved Canadian performers.

DECEMBER 10, 2020 |  12 Noon EDT

In times of crisis and disaster, it is surprising what small groups of determined people who see a need can do quickly, respectfully, without fuss or a thought about anything else but helping people in need. Stéphanie Pépin, President of the Local Development Committee (Comité local de développement [CLD] de Métis-sur-Mer) and member of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary, started an initiative in April, under the CLD banner, to meet the unvoiced needs of local people hit hard by COVID. Métis-sur-Mer and the surrounding area is about 600 km from Montreal on the south coast of the Gulf of the Saint Lawrence, where the water is already salty. It is a bilingual community, in a less-financially advantaged part of Quebec. The initiative became known as the Frigo virtuel (or Virtual Fridge), a way to get food out to people who needed it without having contact with an actual fridge. Very quickly, fundraising efforts were in place, as well as weekly food drives. Nathalie Brochu (CLD member) and Diane Dubois (not a CLD member) quickly volunteered to make and sell masks and generously donated ALL proceeds to the Virtual Fridge: over $6,000 – a very large sum for a very small community! Ted Savage, a local firefighter and member of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary, sent out an invitation to his contacts to get donations, also raising over $6,000 in a very short time, including from long-term summer residents and summer churches in the area . The municipality and one of the local schools also made large donations, as well as many local residents. Given the sensitivity of the needs, Mrs. Pépin took all calls from people (residents from Métis-sur-Mer as well as nearby villages) needing help herself, did the shopping required, always making sure to include fresh meat/fish, produce and dairy products, plus non-perishable items. All deliveries were made by herself and a small number of volunteer first responders (members of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary and local firefighters). All deliveries were strictly confidential. Most calls were for food, but other forms of assistance have been provided also in some cases, such as taking seniors for medical appointments, pet food and diapers, assistance with online banking, and so on. As Stéphanie told me, “basically, each case is different. Some people just need to talk…” It is the human connection that Stéphanie and other volunteers provided that was an is also so important. At this time, the Fridge is still active and will remain active at least through September, and most likely longer in this time of COVID uncertainty. Stephanie said, when I asked if I could nominate the Frigo virtuel / Virtual Fridge and her team of volunteers: “Well, so many people did so many amazing things to help others get through this crisis that I don't know if the Virtual Fridge would stand out that much in the crowd,…” This unselfish attitude is typical of the creator and volunteers of the Frigo virtuel, who may never get the full thanks of everyone they have helped directly and indirectly. I very much hope that you will include this as a part of your “March of Heroes” video.

Our front-line workers put - and are putting - concerns over their own health aside in order to provide care to Canada's COVID-19 patients. Full stop.

Empire Club of Canada National Award 2020 Re: National Builder of the Year Award 2020 Nominee :- University Health Network Dr Isaac Bogoch (UHN TGH) Dr. Abdu Sharkway (UHN TWH) Nominated by :- Frederick T. Wong RMLT AIBMS FHKIMLS FACBS Biomedical Science Consultant Scientific Advisor and Contributor CLSI Grand Reviewer and Scientific Advisor CSMLS August 22, 2020. Dear Member of the National Award Selection Committee, I consider it a great pleasure and unshirkable responsibility to write this letter of endorsement for University Health Network, Canada to tender for the captioned Award “Empire Club National Builder of the Year Award 2020 “ Covid-19 Pandemic is currently the global issue burning through the entire planet earth. Millions of people are getting infected with the virus and create tens of thousands of mortalities in just a couple of months. The frontline healthcare workers and professionals are working tirelessly round the clock every day, risking their lives as well as the lives of their own families to fight this invisible enemy. In order to pursue an effective strategy to tackle this novel coronavirus, a huge group of medical professionals, scientists and healthcare administrators are working together 24/7, evaluating relevant international scientific investigations, collecting and analysing data in various parameters. All these efforts are prerequisites for implementing the pandemic protocol; for an effective medical treatment and for development of reliable vaccines for billions of citizens of the world. University Health Network has been known as one of the largest Medical Center in Canada and classified as one of the best academic healthcare facility on the international stage. The department of infectious diseases and epidemiology (UHN) is the frontline program for those situations such as SARS and Covid-19. All the staffs are well trained to handle different situations and novel scenarios. During the Pandemic, staff at UHN continues providing exemplary and innovative healthcare delivery service not only to the Greater Toronto Area but also serve as medical consultant on all issues of Covid-19 in the national media. They are indeed the best and the brightest of Canada. It has been my privilege to know these brilliant scientists and medical professionals for their heroic acts and dedications. I am, therefore, delighted to endorse University Health Network in pursuing the captioned Award. This letter of endorsement is humbly submitted as of this day in Canada. Thank you.

Charmaine is a fierce advocate and network connector for Black communies in Toronto. In a volunteer capacity, she has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the nonprofits and students she supports continue to make progress. At the height of the pandemic, Charmaine ensured that Black students' were able to finish their academic programs by personally paying the tuition fees for those who had lost their jobs. She went even further to help to support the Jamaican Canadian Association to secure funding so food and housing insecurity would not be another reason why COVID-19 would impact Black communities. Charmaine never seeks recognition for her invaluable contributions. Her request is always that those she assists take the time to pay it forward. She is an incredible Black woman and I believe she unquestionably should be one of the Empire Club's Nation Builder of the Year.

Mr. Volpe organized and led the activities of Canada's auto parts manufacturers to build large quantities of ventilators and manufacture PPE on very short notice to meet Canada's shortages in these areas related to COVID 19, which became an official part of the Govt of Ontario's activities. (

I am nominating Dr. Kulvinder Kaur; not so many details necessary; She is an experienced Doctor...but more-- she is a a time when it truly seems that medical and Social Insanity has taken "Politicized"..Dr. Kaur speaks Her Truth, after all she took the Hippocratic Oath and never forgot it.......She speaks directly, straight from the heart...wants the best health for us all... She feels strongly that this so called "Pandemic" has been used to make us all "fear based and blind" excuse" to isolate suppress medicines that she knows works for this virus, that it need not be such a disease. When I read her twitter I feel her pain, her courage; she should not be attacked in any way, after all she has both science and common sense at her fingertips.

Deputy PM Freeland has done a great job showing leadership across Canada

My dad is and continues to lead by example by doing his part to keep everyone safe during the pandemic. His company has been working around the clock, seven days a week to provide face shields, mask ear protectors, dividers that you see in the store and many more things to ensure everyone else is able to do their jobs. My dad is my hero. He goes to work, sometimes 6 or 7 days a week (if he takes a day off, that's because his body is telling him to rest) because not only does he loves what he does, he truly loves to help others. My dad takes pride in his work and has never asked to be recognized for it. On top of working long weeks, he still finds the time to help my 10 year old daughter with her paper route and homework. As a single parent, my dad has stepped up to be the best grandpa-coach / pops a grand kid could ask for. I know there are so many deserving people out there, so I think you for the opportunity to share my dad's story.

She fights tirelessly on behalf of her patients and all Canadians. She’s smart, honest, very well spoken, has integrity and takes the Hippocratic Oath seriously. She reviews all scientific studies before coming to conclusions and bases her practices accordingly. Dr. Kaur fights for the rights of all doctors, including conscience rights and the right for doctors to be able to prescribe and treat all patients accordingly without government interference. She’s a big believer in freedom of speech, fairness and equality within the profession. She’s a hero, an inspiration and an advocate for every front line worker in medicine and for every Canadian. We need more doctors like her!

Outstanding courage and leadership in medical information dissemination during Covid-19 crisis

In the recent face of fears and anxieties, Waste Connections of Canada's frontline workers have risen above, embodying what we know best: together, we’re better. Every morning your waste and recycling workers get up to serve their communities with pride. They’ve given a sense of normalcy in these uncertain times. While residents hunkered down in their homes, and ordered packages online, started renovations and big clean-ups, supported local restaurants with meal delivery, our frontline workers were there to support them while picking up the extra waste and recycling found on the curb due to these projects and deliveries. With a large majority of the population staying home, curbside pick increased exponentially. And our workers were proud to be a part of what helped make staying home easier. With Covid-related safety precautions already added to a high-level of safety standard operating procedures that Waste Connections has always had in place, our frontline employees adapted quickly and efficiently to social distancing, mask wearing, regular washing of hands, etc… Protecting the health, safety and welfare of Canadian families guide our every decision. We provide an essential service within our communities. For many of our customers, normalcy in a world of uncertainty might simply be providing service on schedule, as promised. For keeping our trucks on the road, our employees have received much recognition from our communities for their tireless efforts and exceptional performance during this period. Handwritten notes and cards given to our drivers. Rolls of toilet paper left on bins as a thank you. Emails to express gratitude. Kids on their lawns waving as the big trucks drive by. One of the most special demonstrations of gratitude was given to us by Tim Hortons. One very early morning, they arrived at one of our locations in a special trailer to allow our drivers to get a “Timmies” drive-thru in their trucks, their treat. This was part of their campaign to give back to essential service workers. The employees who were treated with this were ecstatic, and a little teary-eyed. It was a very proud moment captured in a beautiful commercial that is currently being aired nationally. You can watch it at this link: We’d like to not only thank every employee, but also the families, friends, neighbours, and businesses like Tim Hortons, that support and enable us all to meet our commitments each and every day. Thank you for your consideration.

CLD looks after 90 individuals in homes, and 80 others in vocation activities. During COVID - all of the day programs and work went away, leaving it up to the staff to keep all of the individuals entertained and engaged. This was through new activities such as games, gardening, car trips - more recently outdoor visits to coffee shops and virtual parties. They had to try to get the people in service understand that life has changed. They were not even able to go to the grocery store and groceries were delivered.

The past several months have been full of extraordinary change for Purolator's business, our people and our communities. In the midst of a global pandemic, when individuals across the world were staying in their homes, stopping day-to-day activities and missing loved ones, Purolator wasn’t standing still. Our team of front-line heroes worked day in and day out to provide our country with some normalcy. We ensured that critical healthcare supplies and items important to help Canadians cope were delivered, safely – every day. We are so proud of how our team stepped up throughout COVID-19 and truly went the extra mile to help keep the spirit of our country alive during traumatic and troublesome time for so many. The attached files tell the story of how our people continued to deliver promises throughout the COVID-19 pandemic – for our customers, each other and our country.

She's extremely passionate for the health and welfare of patients. She strives for excellence in all aspects of her life, pushing herself beyond her boundaries to help others in her personal and professional life.

The Organization has provided a community with a one of a kind opportunity for clients with Mental Health issues to succeed and become part of the community by providing with life skills, job opportunities, mentorship and support and a roof over there heads.

Dr Husain is very dedicated and the high risk of infection has made him more determined to work with his patients.

Regardless of the risk of infection, Dr Husain has continued to treat patients who have to go in for cancer treatment.

Our country’s first nation builders united Canadians with a national railway, connecting communities to the economy and to the rest of the country. The nation builders of today are connecting Canadians from coast to coast to coast through broadband internet and wireless networks that keep Canadians connected to the vital social, education, health and economic opportunities that keep Canada at the forefront of innovation and productivity. As nation builders and as an essential service, the TELUS team has worked tirelessly throughout 2020 to protect Canadians and keep our society functioning amid the global health emergency, ensuring that our fellow citizens could remain to the people, information and resources that matter most to them. Leading the world in social capitalism and supporting our communities is at the very heart of TELUS’ unique and globally admired culture, and our team’s swift, thoughtful, decisive and unparalleled actions and response to support Canadians through this contagion cannot be overstated. The content attached is but a snapshot of some of the incredible efforts of the TELUS team in support of being a true nation builder for the benefit of Canadians from coast to coast. TELUS team members went above and beyond in their own communities, demonstrating our heartfelt philosophy: We Give Where We Live. TELUS team members hyper-localized their efforts as well, many of which were showcased on the Instagram of TELUS’ President and CEO. These acts of kindness are highlighted in detail in the attached document.

My Mom Mary Lou is a resident of Welland ECU and we have continually been impressed with their organization, love, and creativity, esp during this pandemic. Many of the staff are long term employees and they always smile and treat all of the residents and their families like their own. There is always something happening to keep the residents entertained. We have regular Facetime visits with Mom and she looks like she is thriving, in spite of her dementia. We learned today that the home has arranged for live music for the residents in the courtyard. What a solid effort for them to coordinate this!! There is also a large garden for the residents to be involved with and the food is wonderful. There are numerous arts related programs. The place, although not fancy, is broom swept clean. It also feels like family there and we can tell it is a very well run facility. We often think the Ontario Govt should do a case study on Welland ECU as it operates very effectively. Every staff member there deserves to be recognized for all of their efforts. In addition, the home has remained Covid-19 free. Well done Welland ECU community.

Dr. Timothy (Tim) Dalseg (FRCPC) is an attending physician in the emergency department at University Health Network. He completed his emergency medicine training at the University of Ottawa before moving to Toronto. Tim’s fellowship training is in medical education. He works tirelessly to provide services to Canadians requiring medical in Toronto. Tim has a young family (partner Amanda, two kids, Eloise (age 5) and Harry (age 3), who were 4 and 2 respectively when the pandemic began) and he has never complained once about the situation that he is in and the sacrifices that he has had to make (along with the other thousands of front line colleagues). Tim has shown resolve under tough situations, offered to help others in need in a calm and comforting manner, and also provided services through the covid follow up clinic at UHN. Tim and his family cut short their vacation of a lifetime through New Zealand and came back to help with the situation facing Canadians. Tim also does not have a big ego and is a person that I'm proud to call a friend. This prize would be a small recognition of the great work that he has done under duress!

Marcia Brown, Founder & Executive Director of Trust 15, is highly deserving of special recognition for her unrelenting work on the frontlines serving the economically disadvantaged communities of North Etobicoke/Rexdale communities (98% are black youth and 85% come from low income and single parent homes). The Covid-19 pandemic has been particularly difficult on economically disadvantaged communities and Marcia has worked selflessly to provide essential foods and basic needs (e.g., electric fans during the heatwave) directly to households across North Etobicoke/Rexdale. In addition, Marcia has organized large-scale community efforts with local families to provide frontline workers face masks and materials. Marcia has found creative ways to meet unfulfilled needs, solve problems, recruit resources, and deliver essential goods and services to keep North Etobicoke/Rexdale safe and functioning. Her impact on families and households throughout these communities is immeasurable and Marcia’s compassion has inspired and compelled numerous senior leaders from every field to support Trust 15. Marcia is an incredible community leader and role model with tremendous generosity and an enormous heart. Due to the pandemic, all Trust 15 programs were forcibly canceled including the distinguished mentorship program for young men (ages 13-19) which seeks to increase self-esteem and empower leadership. Marcia would not be deterred and worked tenaciously to establish a virtual Leadership Speaker Series to keep the young men engaged and inspired. Marcia’s tireless efforts have paid off and since the mid-summer, Trust 15 has presented a phenomenal roster of multiracial leadership speakers from the worlds of business, law, finance, politics, religion, academia, sports, and entertainment that address topical issues like Black Lives Matter and racial equality while promoting positive behavior, creative expression, and cooperative working skills. Marcia is an exemplary human being and a national treasure for Canada.

Monet Da Silva has shown tremendous dedication, professionalism and caring so early on in her nursing career. Monet recently graduated from Laurentian University in 2019 from the Bachelor of Science - Registered Nursing Program. She could have opted for other less risky jobs - but - decided to serve her Country by accepting a position as a Registered on the COVID Floor of Oakville Trafalgar Hospital. This decision meant she was putting the needs of her Community and Fellow Citizens FIRST. On a personal note, working on the COVID Floor meant restricted & very limited contact with her family and her loving Grandmothers. I am certainly a very Proud Aunt!

Pam is an excellent store manager, and a real hands-on type of person. When the pandemic first hit, she was out in front of the cleaning protocols, new hygiene steps and store layout faster than anyone I know. She never stopped providing excellent service to customers with her trademark smile. It would not be uncommon to see her helping stock shelves, helping sanitize carts, helping customers, helping collect online orders. She is excellent and deserves praise for her efforts.

Once Covid became apart of our everyday life, a strong group of older adults online, formed a Movement for Change. ..ElderStrong change the way older adults view themselves. Banding together to help combat social isolation/loneliness, social inclusion and ageism in our Canadian communities. This Canadian, online Community network is more than 1,200 strong and growing daily. Currently, they are partnering with a Canadian not for profit and applying for a New Horizons grant to roll out their Movement for Change, nationally. ... to inspire all older adults. Leading by example, they want to create change ... with a strong message to stay active and connected. Get involved in your community bring older adults and their community closer together. The ElderStrong Canada group has brought together people from all walks of life ...including residents of older adult Care homes, PSWs, Care partners, Aboriginal elders, isolated older adults and more. To realize the value of increased longevity, we must change Hearts Minds and Attitudes - Next Avenue. Warm regards, Kathi Wood.

Dr. Henry was/is the front line source of calm/comfort/medical info to the people of British Columbia. She instilled confidence that if you followed the guidelines she outlines, all would be well....and it was. As the economy has opened up, there has been a bit of backtracking in the way people have behaved. However, during the initial stages of Covid-19 she commanded the respect of nearly all residents of BC

Since the onset of the pandemic, Toronto Pearson’s frontline workers have been front and centre to the country’s response. Public health officials and customs officials screened passengers on arrival from international destinations, while airport firefighters coordinated the evacuation of sick passengers to local hospitals. Cargo handlers maintained the air cargo supply chain, delivering critically important personal protective equipment, medical machinery and pharmaceuticals from around the globe. Cabin crews and cleaning staff have elevated their protocols, leaving no surface uncleaned and working late hours to make sure that passengers can return to a healthy environment that allows for the safe travel of essential workers by air, including agricultural and medical staff.

Truth in the time of COVID-19 is her main goal. She is the ultimate warrior and hero for her profession, her patients and her country. I her own words, “ My moral conscience won’t allow me to silently watch people suffer/die when we have means to save them. Central to being a physician: Hippocratic Oath, sacred Doctor-Patient relationship & Advocacy.”

Air Canada has been one of the Canadian companies hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic this year. Due to government restrictions and quarantine rules, we have been severely restricted from flying since March 16th, 2020 and, as a result, have been operating at less than 10% capacity. Unfortunately, the situation has worsened since then, and we found ourselves making the difficult and gut-wrenching decision to furlough an additional 20K employees. Our reason for doing this, was to salvage the company for our employees to return to once the restrictions were lifted. We are still eagerly waiting, investing time and resources to come up with an interim solution that is science based and, therefore, safe for all our passengers and crews in and outside of Canada. Despite these difficult times, in the midst of adversity, the remainder of our current team of dedicated employees pivoted from their current roles to focus on bringing thousands of Canadians back home from abroad when the pandemic first hit North America. And our Cargo branch converted several Boeing 787 aircrafts to become all cargo aircrafts since our planes were empty. This allowed our employees to bring in kilos of protective breathing equipment for our frontline workers when our health care system was in dire need of supplies. For this reason, we believe the employees of Air Canada, both active and furloughed are deserving of this esteemed recognition, the "March of Heroes" since they helped Canadians and Canada's frontline workers in their deepest time of need. Our employees’ altruistic nature was evident at a time when they face adversity at work every day.

Supporting at risk youth to achieve their dreams & reach their goals

I wish to nominate Dr.Sinha and the National Institute on Ageing for his tireless effort to highlight the needs of seniors in Canada with his NIA report on the National Seniors Strategy Enabling the Future Provision of Long Term Care in Canada as well as his steadfast support of seniors during this pandemic and giving so much of his time trying to enlighten the public and government that we must do better for our seniors.

Olga is an ICU nurse in Toronto that has been working with COVID patients in critical condition since the pandemic hit. She's incredibly compassionate and dedicated, never shying away even during the most terrible spikes of the virus or when it was predicted that nurses would run out of PPE within days. She has also been a strong and inspiring leader among her fellow nurses when fear was high and morale was low.

Knowledgeable, compassionate, leadership under pressure.

Dr. Kulvinder Kaur has demonstrated truthfulness, professionalism and showed she cares for the greater good of humanity during our recent so called pandemic in Canada. Even after numerous counts of shaming and discrediting plots to silence her, she has maintained her stance on getting the truth out to the people of Canada. All she is preaching is crucial information from studies around the world and their interesting findings on treatments and false misinformation the media has been spreading about Covid19. I think Canada and the world needs more people Like Dr. Kaur at high levels of government who the people can fully trust. I'm proud to nominate Dr. Kulvinder Kaur!

In times of Covid-19 Terry Fox reminds us of what is important and how to carry oneself through a crisis, showing perseverance and leadership.

Bruce Power has stepped up to play a key leadership role in the fight against COVID-19. Our core business is supplying safe, reliable electricity to the province of Ontario and medical isotopes globally, and when it became clear that the pandemic was imminent we knew we could reach beyond our core business and play a key role in the global health crisis. With the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) forecasted at the beginning of the pandemic, we knew we had to step up to help protect frontline health workers and essential staff. We were proud to donate 1.7 million pieces of PPE to more than 100 frontline organizations and Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care as part of the fight against COVID-19. Bruce Power’s donation represents the largest private-sector donation of PPE in Canada. Bruce Power has built upon its efforts to provide PPE to those in need by also launching an online portal called Strength in Numbers (, which provides local municipalities, businesses and community organizations with access to affordable PPE. The initiative aims to support the safe reopening of our economy while also supporting the health and safety of our communities. Bruce Power is also proud to collaborate on the Accelerated Ventilator Development Program with University of Toronto and Promation. With forecasted concerns of ventilator shortages researchers saw a void that needed to be filled quickly during the COVID crisis. Bruce Power worked with Promation to provide funding and expertise and within 68 hours, the team produced a working ventilator prototype. In addition to securing PPE and life-saving ventilators, we would like to highlight many other actions we have taken in the fight against COVID-19: • A Go Fund Me page was created to collect donations in the fight against COVID-19. All funds collected supported local food banks in our region (38 food banks in total) that will continue seeing increased demands in the coming months. Collectively, Bruce Power employees, present and past, demonstrated their generosity by raising $120,000. • Establishment of 100 isolation beds and supporting PPE for recovery centres in Grey-Bruce and a 50-bed pop-up isolation centre in support of the outbreak affecting agricultural workers in Essex County. • Donated 50,000 litres of hand sanitizer distributed to local businesses, community organizations, food banks and Indigenous communities. • Raised and contributed $1 million for urgent needs across Ontario, including food banks and over 3,000 care packages within Grey-Bruce region. • $400,000 donation from Bruce Power and the Power Workers’ Union to University Health Network (UHN) to accelerate research in COVID-19 prevention, diagnostics, anti-viral therapies and cures. • 190,000 community updates distributed, in partnership with local health units to raise awareness and stop the spread of the virus. • Strong collaboration with Public Health to co-host virtual town halls with the local Medical Officer of Health • Released the Grey-Bruce-Huron Strong App – a platform to provide public health updates, and support local small businesses. Learn more at • Developed TV ads to bring a personal/human touch to the ‘stay home’ message. View the ad here: • Established the Retooling and Economic Recovery Council and associated initiatives including supplier partners retooling to address COVID-19 needs including: • NPX – Face shields produced using 3D printers – Supporting video: • Abraflex – Retooled to make reusable gowns and Bruce Power helped make connections for distribution. Supporting video: • Kinectrics – Testing of respiratory PPE. Supporting video: • Bruce Power’s production of Cobalt-60 and partnership with Nordion has also been key during the pandemic as the need for single-use PPE and medical supplies has grown to unprecedented levels. We produce Cobalt-60 as part of our operations and Cobalt-60 irradiation ensures large volumes of single-use equipment can be sterilized quickly and effectively ensuring large volumes are ready for health providers on the frontlines. Our efforts to support communities across Ontario through the COVID-19 pandemic have not gone unnoticed. In recognition of our record donation of 1.7 million units of PPE among other initiatives, Premier Ford sent a letter to Bruce Power at the end of May congratulating us for truly demonstrating “Ontario Spirit.”

Al's wife is a nurse. I suppose they should be nominated as a couple. Al's Flags of Remembrance, in locations across Canada, gave Canadian Veteran's something to hold on to, in what is considered a dark time for anyone already suffering from a mental illness. It is my belief that his organization prevented losing many more veterans to suicide during isolation, and it continues to do so. Al is not a veteran, however, he travels this country, compiling interviews with veterans before they are gone, forever. I understand choosing something as huge as the Raptors for the first year. Canada was very proud of their team, as was I. However, my hope is that something more personal might be selected. Thank you for the opportunity to nominate someone as wonderful as Allan Cameron.